an Afrikan Decalogue

featuring curious weaves of mostly true and largely unknown accounts of human trafficking, drug smuggling and gun running in Africa. For a mature audience.

In Part 1, titled 'Hash',

"Two friends visiting Mozambique in 1994 find themselves in the middle of a strange cover-up..."

Part 1: 'Hash': approximately 60 pages incl annotations; Formats: Digital: pdf, ibook, epub. Estimated price: $3. Print: high quality, offset print. Estimated price: TBD

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At the border…


History annotations for part 1 ‘Hash’. Land mines in Mozambique.

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Introducing Anisia #comicbook

Dean, Bobby and Zito (Hash)
artwork by NightshadeBerry illustration

History annotations for part 1 ‘Hash’

Trolleywood’s first comic book will soon be ready for publication!

Sourcing true stories from the recent as well as the distant past, each 40-60 page comic book will not only feature some fascinating and little known narratives, but also illustrated historical annotations that aim to give the reader a deeper understanding of the issues that were playing out on the regions concerned.

You can support us by sharing! We’re completely indie, self funded and need your help to get beyond the first issue.

- Trolleyhood (via trollnthehood)

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To set the scene:
"It was 1994, the civil war in Mozambique was barely over and our traveling companions had been forced to visit a rural clinic. They met a Cuban doctor there, who had some interesting things to say about the way the world was being run… but who listens to Cuban doctors raving about the world from some backwater, malarial bush?"

Page 24.
A special preview of HASH (part one of a comic book series about little known Afrikan histories) As much as possible, the stories in the decalog are sourced from real experiences told to the writers by the people who witnessed them. The comic books are supplemented by illustrated historical annotations.
Artwork by Nightshadeberry Illustration
Please share! Artwork by Nightshadeberry Illustration

Dean, Bobby and Zito (Hash)
artwork by NightshadeBerry illustration
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